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The Dodgeball Edmonton Founders
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Chris Berry and Paul Laking first met on the dodgeball court almost a decade ago.  They grew to be close friends and eventually co-workers as they worked side by side running sports leagues in the Edmonton area for over 5 years. Dodgeball captured their passion and attention and it has become their life-long goal to cultivate an amazing dodgeball community and grow the sport. They teamed up in 2015 and created Dodgeball Edmonton, hoping to combine their ideas and experience to create the best dodgeball experience in the city.

Paul Laking
Dodgeball Edmonton Co-Founder, Director


Specialties on the court: Unpredictability, speed, positive attitude
Specialties off the court: Community cultivation, operations intel 
Jersey: 2
Rookie Year: 2006

Paul has been playing Dodgeball for nearly ten years. With every new season brings new skills and a new love and appreciation for the sport. It was 2006 when he was first exposed to dodgeball and he was hooked from the first whistle. Paul has played with a variety of teams at all different levels and has been a member and a presence in the dodgeball community for many years.

Perhaps his most well known contribution to the world of Dodgeball in Edmonton has been “The Draft”. Running for five seasons now, Paul has helped to shape competitive dodgeball through this fun and exciting draft which helps bring new people into the sport and allow for more diversity within and between teams. Recently, the draft has taken a life of its own after Paul introduced “special powers". Just ask any current player, this new dynamic has increased energy, fun and sense of community.

With over a decade of experience in the sport and recreation industry, and his love and dedication to the sport, Paul is also ready to help move Dodgeball to the next level, while reminding everyone how to have fun on the court at all skill levels.

Chris Berry
Dodgeball Edmonton Co-Founder, Member at Large


Specialties on the court: Aggressive style, all-around player
Specialties off the court: 
Graphic Design, all-around visionary 
Jersey: 17

Rookie Year: 2006

Chris first played dodgeball after randomly being invited out by a friend of a friend in 2006 to play on a rec team. Immediately he was hooked on the sport and it would forever change his life. Chris has gone on to play dodgeball in Las Vegas and New Zealand, winning a gold medal with team Canada in 2013 and has been a recognizable dodgeball face within Edmonton for almost a decade.

In 2014/15 Chris worked on a committee for the Canadian Dodgeball Association as VP of Programs Chris is helping to put together Canada's 2015 National team, while functioning as the Canadian liaison to the World Dodgeball Federation.

Chris then became ounding committee member of Dodgeball Canada where he worked as co-director of media and communications for that group as it got off of the ground. 

With 15 years of experience in the sports and recreation industry as well as years of being a dodgeball participant in league and tournaments of all levels, Chris has the background to help develop the sport of dodgeball and wants to make Edmonton a hub for dodgeball in Canada and the world.