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Is it possible to be
in love
with dodgeball?
We think so.


Our Mission:

The mission of Dodgeball Edmonton is to provide the premier Dodgeball experience in Edmonton, introducing the sport to new people and adding to the credibility of the sport on a local, national and international level. Our hope is to see Dodgeball recognized as a legitimate sport from the recreational to the professional level.

We imagine a world where dodgeball is looked upon seriously as a sport, with true athletes competing against each other on the world's biggest stage. But we also believe that dodgeball is not only for gifted athletes, but for regular people who just want to get a bit of exercise, have fun and enjoy being being on a team. We are passionate about dodgeball and want to pass that love for the game on to as many people as we can.

Dodgeball Edmonton strives to offer the best possible dodgeball experience by providing highly-organized leagues, tournaments, skill-development opportunities, and social experiences. DE caters to all players - the recreational/curious, the hardcore devotee and everyone in between. We also strive to be part of the community. We don't just want to run the league, we want to play in it. Conversely we want our players to feel like part of our organization. We want to give a voice to the players so that together we can take the game to new heights.

DE is structured to encourage teams and players to get involved and improve their skills to compete at the highest level they can, all while becoming a part of the growing dodgeball community. A community that, by the way, is made up of some of the best people and has some pretty kickass parties.

The epic journey of advancing your team through the league ranks, going to provincials, going to nationals - this is what we think dodgeball players deserve to experience, and it is our goal to make that happen. 

Didn’t think dodgeball was legit? Think again.