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Aurora Dodgeball was created by women, for women and non-binary folks. Our aim is to elevate and empower women in dodgeball to play, compete, and improve on their skills. Our purpose is to provide an environment in which women can play with and against each other in a competitive environment, while empowering each other to push the boundaries of their skills in dodgeball.  

Dodgeball is for everyone. The beauty of our sport is that there are no barriers to start playing, no one method to get good at the sport, and no one specific style that matters more than any other. Dodgeball is a team sport, and our sport is a mosaic of players from every background - regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or background. 



Meet your Aurora Dodgeball Committee:  

Kim Fehr

Kim Fehr was born and raised in rural Alberta, and moved to Edmonton in 2007. She was hooked by the life of the city and a cute boy who encouraged her to try dodgeball. She was drawn into dodgeball as a sport, but truly found a community of friends and teammates. She started the first all-female dodgeball team, “No Balls”, winning numerous league championships in the co-ed divisions. Female empowerment in dodgeball is the heart of her focus and Kim would take any opportunity to encourage women to lean in 

She has organized two charity corporate dodgeball tournaments, bringing in new players and encouraging co-worker participation. She has lead three years of dodgeball teams for Corporate Challenge, taking bronze their first year and gold twice the following two years. If Kim is on a dodgeball team, there’s a good chance she’s the team captain. She loves bringing people together and neurotically cannot help but to organize and coordinate all the moving pieces.  

Aside from dodgeball, her passions are travelling, fat biking, gardening and literally signing up for almost anything that catches her eye – “do all the things” is her motto!  

Kim competed in the 2020 Provincials and is looking forward to getting back into the swing of tournaments and competitive dodgeball in 2022!

Natalie Wall