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Dodgeball Edmonton will operate in compliance with protocols of each facility that is being rented and in accordance with any governmental guidelines in regards to Covid 19. 


Until further notice, participants should be prepared to have proof of vaccination, negative results from a test in the past 72 hours or a valid exemption to join any event. Additionally, masking will be required when not participating in a dodgeball game. If a participant is experiencing any kind of symptoms, or have had recent risk of exposure, they are kindly asked to not participate at that time.


We understand that this pandemic has been unpredictable and the potential for regulations to change throughout the season is high, and we hope to be able to adapt to any new measures if they come. Regulations may differ from private facilities, to city of Edmonton facilities to public schools.


As of November 1, 2021 the City of Edmonton has outlined the following guidelines for all public school rentals:

All gymnasium bookings in school facilities must adhere to the following rules to ensure compliance with the current public health orders:

  • A designate from your organization must verify the vaccination status of all participants - that all participants (including, coaches, volunteers and any other on-site helpers aged 12 and older) have provided the designate with either (1) proof of vaccinations; (2) a recent negative Covid test within the past 72 hours; or (3) a medical exemption. Thus, all participants are required to carry their proof of compliance (ie: vaccination and government issued identification, or negative COVID test to all bookings). 

  • The form must be submitted to the City of Edmonton by 3:00 PM prior to the start of that day’s booking.  It is not the role of the custodian to review compliance of the Group Vaccination Disclosure form.


In addition, please take note of the following for community rentals accessing school gymnasiums

  • Site audits will be carried out to ensure compliance of the Group Vaccination Disclosure form and corresponding public health orders.  Any non-compliance where a group is found to be either not completing the Group Vaccination Disclosure form prior to entry or do not have proof of vaccination status during a site audit, will be handled as follows:

    • 1st Offence: the specific group or team will lose their next booking

    • 2nd Offence: the specific group or team will have their remaining bookings suspended for the remainder of the season

  • All participants (including coaches and volunteers) must carry proof of vaccination with them while on-site in the event of a site audit.

  • It is not the role of the custodian to review compliance of the Group Vaccination Disclosure form.

  • No access to change rooms - participants are to arrive ready to play.

  • A minimum number of designated washrooms will be made available for participants.

  • Participants are to arrive just prior to their booking commencing and are to leave following the completion of their activity.

  • Participants are to be masked at all times except when they are engaging in their activity.

  • No spectators at this time. Pick-up and drop-off must be arranged for outside the school. User group leaders must help coordinate for younger participants.

  • Organizations should still be asking participants to pre-screen and communicating to them that they should not attend if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Changes to bookings and/or procedures may change with modification to public health orders.